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ProLights Lumipix Batten

Looking at lights like this makes me wonder if we will soon see the demise of the gel industry altogether. I must admit that I hope we don’t, having spent years learning about CTO, CTB and the ever-amusing oddball amber (162) and seedy pink (748) amongst the plethora of other coloured gels available. I guess we will all get used to dialing in a colour on the back of the lights rather than correcting them at the front with giant sweetie wrappers and no doubt it will be easier, cheaper, and more accurate this way. I can’t help feeling we are likely to lose something of the craft of lighting along the way.


Still, far be it for us to stand in the way of progress, so we are fully embracing the new LED technology and it’s minimal need for gel. A good example of this is the new Lumipix batten from ProLights. This is a 12 bank LED light batten with the ability to produce more than 16 million colours without having to use a single sheet of gel. And I thought there were only 7 colours, well that’s how the rainbow works isn’t it?

ProLights LUMIPIX16H LED Batten

Not only will the Lumipix display lots of pretty colours but it will allow you to do all sorts of combinations and effects with them. I feel that this has been designed with the stage in mind rather than the big (or small) screen. They would be perfect for concerts and that type of show with in-built microphones and adjustable sensitivity to allow for music mode where the lights will respond to music themselves. Also full Dmx control is available right down to the individual LED’s so you can change colours and make pretty patterns to your hearts content.

But before you tune out its not only rock bands that can use this, you image-makers may find them useful too. In our world we would think of them less as a disco light and more of an all-purpose flood or fill light.

ProLights LUMIPIX 12 x 3w RGB:FC LED Batten - A

Rather nicely they have a flicker-free operating frequency of 400HZ to allow for relatively high speed filming, and a LCD display user interface so you can play with the settings without having to put it through a complicated control desk.

IP33 protection and a maximum power consumption of 40W will keep the gaffers happy. You folks will also appreciate the minimal 3.2 kg weight and the robust aluminum body designed to disperse heat and also protect the lights.

Interestingly these battens are also capable of being “pixel mapped” This term describes how a bitmap or image can be displayed pixel by pixel on a series of lights thus creating a video screen of sorts. I presume this would be used for displaying simple moving patterns or images.

However, I can’t help thinking that this feature could be employed to make the ultimate big HD screen experience. As each unit has 12 x LED lights, I calculate that 158 ½ units side by side would do one line of a HD display and about 170 thousand units stacked up would complete it. What an impressive screen that would make, being 150metres wide, however, you may have to watch it from outer space. Anyway we don’t quite have enough of them for that and even with the minimal 40 w max power draw per unit it would still draw 6912000.00 watts in total that’s over 30 thousand amps.

As far as specifications go each unit has 12 tri colour High-efficiency CREE LEDs giving a LUX of 1360 @ 1m, the optics give a beam spread of 19 degrees. Several DMX selectable configurations are available (2,4,6,7,9,18 or36) for advanced or basic controlling. A tough aluminum body to aid with heat dispersal and a controllable fan for forced ventilation will prevent over-heating.

Each unit has twin brackets for hanging that can also be used for floor positioning.

A power output has also been built in to allow for up to 10 units to be joined together using the one 230-v supply (less distro required)

So all in all this is a very nicely thought through product with some great features and I will give it a 7 / 10 for my Brucie Coolness Rating, only slipping slightly because its too difficult to ride home with on my bike for parties.


Cheers all BB



Christmas is Coming



Christmas is coming and I don’t like goose so who cares if it’s getting fat I just need some of it to roast my spuds with. Not much into turkey either to be honest so its beef for me if I have my way. Having said that my other half is of the vegetarian persuasion so I don’t like my chances. Still it doesn’t hurt to dream and whilst I’m dreaming I thought I would share my outrageous Pixipixel inspired Christmas list with you.


Truth be told I’ve been struggling to think of something festive and fun to share as my first ever Christmas blog or should that be a Yule log or a Yule blog?

I have 10 out of the 12 days of Christmas re-written featuring kit, not gold rings and maids a milking, but do you think I can find anyone willing to sing it let alone let me video them doing so.

I guess that will have to wait till next year now anyway, it may give me time to find a rhyme for geese a laying anyway. Just for the record I also asked Mr Google about the 12 days of Christmas and to my surprise they start on Christmas day and end on January the 5th (why did I not know that at my age) so it would all be too late anyway.



Also the idea of dressing Toby up as Santa and pushing him about on a dolly fell flat on its face despite many votes for it coming from the office, so the Christmas list it is.


Now please understand I am limiting my choice here to equipment I have already blogged about so feel free to buy me stuff that isn’t on here I’m particularly interested in a new folding bike if any of you have contacts with Brompton ok!



In the interest of spreading Christmas cheer (and saving me work) we shall be dragging my list out over ten days of blogging so you will have to be patient if you want to find out my number one choice. But for a bit of fun why not try and guess my next choice each day and post your guess as a comment, I shall send the first correct guess a small Pixipixel themed gift each day, don’t forget I am only choosing from equipment I have blogged about since April when I started writing, so your odds of winning are excellent.



So firstly I had better point out that I have been a (reasonably) good boy all year and as such am allowed to ask Santa for something and of course I still BELIEVE, so I’m in with a chance and if you don’t ask then you don’t get, or so I am told.

Here goes nothing then, I shall start at the bottom in order of preference but don’t worry I WANT it all lol.Christmas_presents_2416800b.jpg



So the best Christmas gifts in my opinion are the ones you know they want but you also know that they would never justify buying for themselves and this falls into that category perfectly as I will never ever buy myself one (let alone two) of these.

No. 10    Matthews Magic Finger           

Matthews Magic Finger Original Blog

Ok I have no use at all for one of these, I have nothing to put it on or for that matter to put on it but I love the name and it makes me smile every time I hire one out. I will actually need two of these because I just want to be able to say without any argument that I have magic fingers.

Magic finger

Remember to drop in tomorrow to see what’s next on my Christmas Wish List. That’ll be No 9


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