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Litegear LiteTile 8×8 LED

Welcome to the new year everyone, we hope you had a great Christmas and a relaxing break and are now ready and waiting for the next twelve months of fun and games.

Now the new year seems to have brought with it a bit of a cold snap so with your best interests in mind as always we would like tell you about one of our Christmas presents to ourselves, a rather fetching blanket.

Yes we know that blankets tend to encourage you to stay in bed normally but not this one, in fact this one is definitely worth getting up for.

The brand new Litegear LiteTile is something rather special and we had our first play with it yesterday and we’re very impressed. We already have a good range of LED lights from Litegear and they are proving to be popular with you folks but this one is bigger and better than anything we’ve seen so far.

Imagine a flexible blanket of Bi colour LED’s that’s 8 foot square and what that would allow you to do. Now stop daydreaming because it’s here now waiting for you to enjoy.


I have to admit that personally I’d like to take it home and use it as a blanket on my 12 year olds bed, I cant help thinking that waking her up in the morning would be easier if I could make her whole bed light up at the flick of a switch!

To get a bit technical for a moment the LiteTile 8×8 actually consists of four 2×8 foot panels that can be configured to form a number of shapes, Velcro covered edges allow for each panel to attach to its neighbor or for that matter anything else that has a Velcro fastener on it. Also equipped with eyelets to allow for attachment to grip or butterfly frames as required.

Being made of hi-grade engineered textile the LiteTile is flexible enough to be configured round curves, folded, scrunched up and so on making them a truly versatile product.

As far as light is concerned the LiteTile is equipped with new CineMitter LED’s which boast a CRI and TLCI* rating of 95+ along and a extended colour temperature range of 2600K – 6000K. All new DMX enabled dimmers are supplied giving full local control of dimming and colour temperature or allowing for connection to a control desk.

Everyone will want to know what the maximum output is so for the record the LiteTile gives out a very useable and impressive 20384 lumens (that’s bright to you and me)

When it comes to powering, it’s not much more difficult than plugging in your electric blanket, granted it uses 16 amp leads but we have plenty of jumpers if you need to use a 13amp domestic outlet. Each of the 4 2ft by 8 ft panels has its own power supply so they can be used independently and we will shortly take delivery of a single power supply to run all four units together. A V-lock battery option is muted in the future and no doubt we will get one as soon as it’s available but this may be a while before it hits the market. The individual panels each have a header lead of 7ft or 2.1m in length, giving you plenty of scope to position the supply out of sight.

So if you’re in the market for a large flexible soft light then this could be what you are looking for and now you know who has it you’re really running out of excuses.

Litegear also make a 4 foot version but as you can fold the 8 foot in half and keep using it I don’t think we will rush to get the smaller one, bigger is better anyway.


The all important BCR (Brucie coolness rating) for this has got to be at least an 11 out of 10, its portable, powerful and versatile all of which are great attributes, but its also very cool and I rather like it. I can’t help but wonder what LED’s will turn up next, anyone got any suggestions?

You could take it to Glastonbury this year just to make finding your tent easier.

Thanks for reading.



TLCI means “Television Lighting Consistency Index” it’s calculated using a spectroradiometer and is a measurement of a luminaires spectral power distribution in the context of television. The results can be checked against the table below. Hopefully you all feel as enlightened and excited by this as we do.



85 – 100 errors are so small that a colourist would not consider correcting them
75 – 85 a colourist would probably want to correct the colour performance, but could  easily get an acceptable result
50 – 75 a colourist would certainly want to correct the errors, and could probably  achieve an acceptable result, but it would take significant time to get there
25 – 50 the colour rendering is poor, and a good colourist would be needed to improve  it, but the results would not be to broadcast standard
0 – 25 the colour rendering is bad, and a colourist would struggle for a long time to  improve it, and even then the results may not be acceptable for broadcast




KOTW – Litegear Litemat 1


Litegear Litemat 1

Do you ever carry your camera round your neck so it wont get weighed at the airport? We’ve all done that to avoid excess baggage but what about the lighting. Easy jet are going to love charging you more than your fee just to chuck you precious lights in the hold for an hour, probably loose them or some rough baggage handler is going to break them by throwing your bag onto the reclaim belt, believe me I spent ten years at Gatwick and saw it all.

So how about taking your lights with you in your carry on bag? Sound like a good idea? Or perhaps even post your lights to yourself before you leave? And let Mr postman take the strain? Well with the new Litemat from Litegear its all possible.

The Litemat is another variation on the new breed of LED light panel that seem to be appearing here at Pixipixel on a weekly basis, this one however is totally different.


The litemat has been designed as a lightweight, colour correct and durable soft light, it has certainly achieved this brief. Measuring in at 533 x 292 mm and only 25 mm thick, it’s fully encased in clear polycarbonate for toughness and weighs in at as close to 1 kg as makes no difference.

288 LEDs adorn its face, set out in a grid pattern. By spreading the LEDs out like this Litegear have produced a panel able to produce a lovely soft light at any temperature from 3200 – 6000 Kelvin and with a surprisingly high power output of 2748 lumins. What’s more it has a CRI of 95 so nice accurate colours too.

Now for the fun stuff, the Litemat has Velcro on all four sides front and rear and this allows you to attach a small “Polyskirt” like a simple set of barn doors and in turn one of 3 diffusion fabrics to the front, this makes the light beautifully soft.

Velcro on the back sounds odd but with a panel of this weight you can literally stick it to a wall or whatever else takes your fancy. You can even pop it onto a stand using the included Kino Flow gimbal mount if all else fails.

A small dimmer attaches to the power lead and gives you full control of power and colour temperature, dim it down or turn it up with on changes to the temperature and no worries, or even control it using DMX if you are into that sort of thing.literibbon

The whole thing runs off a tiny 12 or 24 volts so it won’t be a problem to plug it in without tripping out any circuits, even if the stylist has a hairdryer going or your assistant is making yet another coffee. Feel like going bush? (sorry slipped back down under for a sec) Well you will get about half an hour full power on a pocket full of AA batteries now that’s useful, I might even put one on my bike next winter.

Perfectly matched to Litgears other little toy the Literibbon (that we also stock) I’m cLITEGEAR-VHO-Pro-120-X2-LiteRibbon-Hybrid-2-e1413377188863ertain that these will prove to be a popular item with all you creative types.

Ok so I still wouldn’t actually recommend the post idea but it could work if you can find a decent padded envelope that’s big enough.

Fancy a go? Come in and get your hands on one for your next job I know you will love it. Or give me a bell and I will post one to you, maybe.

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