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Cineo Quantum C80

Cineo Quantum C80

So as we all know if you can find the end of a rainbow then you should find a pot of gold but have any of you ever wondered what’s at the start of the rainbow? I think I may have the answer (well for modern rainbows anyway).


It’s got to be the all-new Cineo Quantum C80 Led light panel. Cineo describe it as “the ultimate creative lighting tool” and who am I to argue. From the outside it looks like a large version of the HS units by Cineo with the normal black and red styling. It’s manufactured using lashings of extruded aluminum that make it robust enough for our industry (just like its predecessors have proven to be) yet keeps its weight down to under 23 Kg. This is impressive when you consider its size (60 x 120 cm / 24 x 48”).



Delivering an impressive 50,000 Lumens of “beautiful, easily controllable, full-gamut light” the C80 packs a powerful punch of 800 watts at maximum power but it’s the controllability that makes it really shine.


Four independent knobs on the rear of the unit give you complete control over all the C80’s features, let me take you through them one knob at a time.


Master. This one controls the dimming, 0-100 % as you would expect but set to correlate exactly to camera stops so 50% would be one less stop and so on, that’s a very nice feature in my mind.


White. This knob allows for accurate CCT adjustment as on many of Cineo’s other panels and allows for fast, precise setting of any desired colour temperature.


Colour. (And here is where the rainbow reference came from) This allows you to add saturated colour to the output with control over the hue being displayed on the control panel.


c80 control.jpg

Blend. (Nope nothing to do with coffee sorry) Controls how much saturated colour is added to the white light, adjustable anywhere from full colour to full white.


If knobs aren’t your thing then all the above can be controlled using DMX cables or even wireless DMX with the built-in Lumen Radio feature.


With the C80 the same colour shading can be achieved regardless of CCT. Hence plus 2 Green added to 3200k CCT will look the same as plus 2 Green added to 5600K CCT, provided that the camera is correctly white balanced. (We could call this Cineo’s law and physics students will have to learn it for years to come, bless them)


Now for the technical bit, Cineo have developed Phosphor-converted saturated colour LED’s that work with the same phosphor recipes as their white LED’s. This means that they combine well to produce a natural looking spectrum featuring cineos deep-red colour rendering (that’s as red as a pom on Bondi beach). Furthermore as all the LED’s use the exact same colour dye so they all carry the exact same thermal stability.  I think this means that everything gets old at the same time hence the light remains accurate throughout its life.


Oh completely flicker free, and silent operation also feature as we have come to expect from Cineo.


A solid 10 / 10 for my Brucie coolness rating I think this time!! I’m a fan of Cineo products and they have delivered another great addition to the range hence Pixipixel are getting them in.


The one slight downside is we don’t actually have them yet, but they are on order so watch this space.

However if you would like to take a look, why not join us for our free lighting workshop on the 16th of this month at Rida East Studios. The QC80 will be making an appearance along with cinematographer extraordinaire Adam Suschitzky BSC give us a call to reserve a space.

led worsk shop.jpg


Something a little different from the KOTW

Violet and The Vicarage


One of my biggest pleasures in life is food, good food, preferably cooked from scratch at home and if possible cooked by someone else.

I was raised by a great pair of cooks at home and have been lucky enough to sample a wide range of cuisine from around the world. Unfortunately living with a vegetarian and a fussy eleven year old, coupled with getting home late after my commute from London each day has turned this pleasure into a bit of a weekend only thing.

My mid week meals tend to consist of fairly standard fair from the freezer and a lot of quorn. Don’t get me wrong we still get to eat but I just don’t get to spend any time being creative in the kitchen in fact my copy of the chefs bible “Escoffier” hasn’t seen the light of day for nearly as long as my Kitchen Aid (I have memorized béarnaise anyway and that’s the best thing in the whole book) I do still try to make an effort with dinner when we get to have a family meal and am quite creative when it comes to making a jacket potato, cheese and beans look good (to an 11year old anyway) but my food styling skills are well out of practice I’m afraid.

This weekend I get to knock up a couple of curries as we have some friends coming over and I am really looking forward to some serious pestle and mortar action and adding a few more turmeric stains to the kitchen worktop.

By this point you are probably wondering what on earth Brucie Blogger is on about this time, are Pixipixel moving into kitchen hire?

Well no we are not, well not yet anyway. I am trying to set the mood so I can tell you about a rather “tasty” project I got us involved in with the lovely ladies at Violet and the Vicarage.

violet & vicarage

Our involvement started about a fortnight ago when I received a call from Kristin Perers. (A renowned food photographer biased here in Hackney)

She and Claire Ptak operate Violet and the Vicarage and between them they offer the most mouth watering sounding food styling and photography courses, run a bakery, style and shoot for numerous cookery books and write a bakery column in the Guardian so they are a busy pair to say the least.


Claire owns the bakery, is a food stylist and is just starting her weekly column in The Guardian “Cook”. Kristin is a food and lifestyle photographer with a background in styling, painting and fashion design.  Together they decided to start Violet and the Vicarage Workshops to share their experience and knowledge about food, photography, publishing, styling, writing and how to be self employed, stay creative and run your own business doing something you love (in Hackney!)


We supplied a small amount of kit and a few freebies for some show-bags for last weekends course with a view to gaining some exposure for Pixipixel in this culinary world (and perhaps something from the bakery).

From the reports I am getting back from Kristin the weekend went fantastically and with a bit of luck another twelve eager food photographers and stylists will soon be knocking on our door and attempting to bribe me into a discount with sticky cakes and yummies of all kinds.


I have very much missed the Coco Black photo shoots I used to host in the studios I worked at down under and my mate Dean Cambray who would keep the office supplied in “broken” chocolate so I am all for any involvement we can get in this side of the photographic world.


Well I am hungry now and inspired to make my weekends curry munching look spectacular and taste even better, so if I have managed to wet your appetite as far as food styling and photography goes please contact the Ladies at Violet and the Vicarage for more details, or at the very least pop into the Violet bakery on Wilton Way in Hackney to sample some great baking or check out Claire’s column in the Guardian.


If you are already a foodie kind of photographer or stylist then why not pop in to see us too while you are local because good food photography needs more than just great looking food it needs great kit and we have everything you could ever need for your next project.


Bon Appetit BB


Stop the presses Kristin just told me they have scheduled another workshop for may 2016 so get in quick foodie people!

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