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Canon 1DX mark 2


This is one blog that I’ve not been looking forward to writing. As a proud owner of a 1DX myself I am gutted that the Mk2 has even been produced to be honest. But as I can’t stop progress, I knew it would happen sooner or later. Inevitably, the Mk2 is better than the original as you would expect.

For those of you in the know, Canon name their cameras in the reverse order numerically so the lower the number the better the camera, hence the 1 series denotes this as Canons flagship model. If I am to be honest I believe the 1DX was a photojournalist’s camera, built to be used every day in whatever environment and whatever weather the operator found themselves in, from the touchline of a rugby match to the fence outside Buckingham Palace these cameras are built to work and to work hard.

We’ve received so many enquiries about the Mk2 that we couldn’t disappoint you any longer. I do love this about Pixipixel, we are a rapidly growing company but still listen to you folks, our customers, and respond to your requests, so keep on telling us what you want.

Anyway on with the blog (and remember this is hurting me more to write than it is for you to read). As I said above the 1DX mk 2 is the new Canon DSLR flagship, it may not have the resolution of some of its “lesser” siblings like the 5DS or 5DR but it has (almost) the ability to shoot in the dark and for me that’s more useful than massive files. I’m pleased to say, that although the pixel count has increased significantly (now 20.2mp) this miraculous ability to shoot using higher ISO’s in gloomy, dull or dark situations is as good as ever, in fact its better.

The Mk2 has improved video capabilities too now allowing for 4k 60p capture, making it a genuine option for you moving image folks. 120p can be achieved in full HD for your slow motion creativity and truly amazing AF tracking keeps the subject pin sharp. A new touch screen allows for easy accurate focus and this works seamlessly with all Canon EF lenses.


If shooting faster than a Gatling gun is your bag then look no further, the Mk2 can shoot at 14 fps with full AF / AE tracking or up to 16 fps in live view. This is thanks to the new DIGIC 6+ processors and a new mirror drive system. If you use the latest Cfast 2.0 media then a burst of 170 uncompressed 14-bit RAW images can be captured almost before you knew you were trying.

I find it hard to believe that Canon could have improved the auto focus over the Mk1 but they have. Now with 61 selectable AF points (including 41 cross type and 5 dual cross type) and advanced A1 Servo AF III + and improved EOS intelligent tracking you really don’t have much of an excuse to miss that vital sharpness. Even when you choose to shoot at f8 all 61 points are at your disposal including 21 cross type sensors. She really is an impressive focusing beast. I could take my glasses off and still get everything sharp I reckon.

A built in GPS system with automatic time-zone updates is a neat inclusion (should you ever get lost or lose your watch) and lightning fast Superspeed USB 3.0 and Gigabit connectivity via Ethernet or the optional WFT-E8 WiFi adaptor caters to numerous workflow styles.

Brucie coolness rating has to be a well-deserved 10 out of 10 as you would expect from a Canon top of the line body, as much as the little green monster inside me wants to mark it down I really cant. Ok so I’m jealous because its better than my camera but you needn’t be because we got it in for you, yes YOU so pop in and let your inner paparazzi have some fun.


Many thanks BB


Congratulations Katy

Congratulations go out to Katy Milner for her triumph in the Inaugural Kodak High Falls Vision Award for her upcoming short film “Graffiti” to be shot in London this coming weekend.

As Kodak are giving you the film we are going to give you the lights have a fantastic shoot. Great to see one of our female clients doing so well particularly on international women’s day!  BB

I’m at it again, giving away Pixipixel’s kit for a good cause rather than money, it makes me popular with the customers rather more than with the bosses but sometimes it just has to be done. To be fair I have run this one past our top brass first and they were all for it on this rare occasion. Probably because it’s a film we are supporting, a REAL film!


Let me give you some background information, our good friend and customer Katy Milner from Pure Gold Films has gone out and won herself an award, the 50th Anniversary Kodak Super 8 Film Award to be precise. Now wining the award for her wonderful script “Graffiti” is one thing and receiving a swage of 16mm film from Kodak as a prize is marvellous, however a script and some film stock don’t make a movie. You need some lights and a DOP and so on to make a movie and Katy didn’t win those.


Having secured the services or renowned DOP Fabio Calascibetta to shoot the film Katy came to us for some assistance with the lighting kit required and we were very pleased to be able to help. We love being involved in the movie industry and have our kit out on film shoots every day of the week but its rare these days for anyone to actually shoot on film so that’s what really sparked our interest.


Katy has directed numerous short films before but this is her first venture into the world of film and she states that the “beautiful quality of 16mm would make the film more cinematic and add richness to the look and feel” and we agree with her on that.


Now don’t let the title Graffiti put you off, it’s not about tagging walls Kilroy style or Banksy and his stencilled rats, it’s far deeper than that. I’ve been lucky enough to see the script and it’s great, touching on issues of bereavement, anger and the struggle of a single parent trying to reconnect with her teenage son. It also explores preconceived ideas on graffiti and its merit as an art form. I am looking forward to seeing the finished film very much and wish Katy good luck with the production.


The finished film will be entered into “as many festivals as possible” and of course will be greatly improved with the addition of a credit for Pixipixel.


So watch out for “Graffiti” by Katy Milner coming to a festival near you this summer if you get a chance give it a watch and let us know what you think, oh and be sure to vote for it as we want to see it win everything possible this year!

Cheers guys BB

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