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Arri Master Grips

“It’s all in the wrist,” well that’s what I’ve been told anyway.

Many years ago when I decided to learn to play the drums at school I was told it was all in the wrist, I never could get the hang of it but think that was more to do with having no rhythm so I gave up, then my mum told me it was all in the wrist when it comes to whisking so I brought myself a KitchenAid, in fact I’ve only found one pastime that my wrists seem to help with but we won’t go there in this blog.

Still, moving swiftly on from that I would like to tell you all about one new and exciting use for those wrists of yours, the all new Arri Master Grips.

For years the traditional style cine handgrips have helped firmly support and stabilise a camera on the operator’s shoulder and that’s about it. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has wished that I could turn the wheel on the grip to alter focus rather than having to let go with one hand to do so. Well it would seem the good folks at Arri have been thinking the same thing.

The latest addition to Arri’s ECS (Electronic Control System) are the rather trick Master Grips. They are available in four versions: Right side or Left side and with either a Thumb rocker for super smooth zooming or control wheel for iris and focus adjustment. Our setup allows for the left hand to switch between focus and iris control leaving the right hand to take care of zoom.


We can see this simply as a merging of documentary and cine style equipment allowing for a best of both worlds setup. Particularly when using small cameras like the Alexa mini with its reduced level of user interface, solid cine style grips with documentary style controls are going to be a great improvement in ergonomics.


When I first looked at these grips it occurred to me that the camera operator would have to become a multi-tasking genius. Not only holding and aiming the camera but zooming, focusing, and adjusting the iris all by themselves, that although possible would be challenging I imagine. I’m happy to say that Arri are one step ahead of me with this. By using the Arri WCU4 controller any or all of the functions can be taken over by the 1st AC so nobody is out of a job just yet.

Built to Arri’s super high standards and based around the proven ergonomics of the much loved Arriflex handgrips the master grips are solid, rugged, and reliable even in harsh shooting environments. Controls are easy to reach yet protected from accidental triggering.

At the moment the Master Grips allow for full control of cine lenses including adjustable motor speed, zoom response and motor limits, they also allow for control of integrated servomotors on ENG and EF lenses.

Featuring easy set up using the integrated touch screens or physical buttons all controls are fully configurable with reassuring status readout on the controls themselves.


I must say the Master Grips are rather impressive.  Arri have done their homework well on these, incorporating everything you would expect and more into a great package, putting you firmly in control whether you are shooting as a single operator or part of a crew. The Master Grips are sure to become a must have addition to your kit list. I’m giving them a full 10 out of 10 for my Brucie Coolness Rating.

So if you want to get you hands on some give us a call at Pixipixel Hoxton and we can arrange for them to be on your next shoot.

Oh and just in case you are wondering what that other use for my wrists is, well fishing, obviously!

Many thanks




Easyrig Cinema 3 / Flowcine Serene.

Ok so I’ve been waffling on about some pretty sexy camera kit recently, the Movi Stabilizer and the Flowcine Gravity One in particular. Both of these two help you handle some damn fine cameras and keep them steady while you do your stuff.

But as you well know all these extras clamped onto your camera have one massive drawback and that’s the weight, granted they are not going to add huge amounts but over a long days shooting every little extra makes a difference doesn’t it?

Now you can swap those 64 GB CF cards for some 16 GB ones but isn’t really going to make much difference (don’t tell my Mum she still believes that smaller cards are lighter and even lighter with no photos on them lol). So short of doing more press ups what’s the answer to carrying all this kit around and not exhausting yourself or doing yourself a back injury.

Well the answer is one of our Cinema 3 rigs from Easyrig.


The Cinema 3 is the big brother of all the camera support systems that Easyrig produce, its able to handle payloads up to 25Kg so its great for almost any camera / lens combo that we offer and it’s a lot cheaper than going to see a chiropractor for months after the shoot.

In very simplistic terms the Cinema 3 is a body harness with an arm running up your back and then curving forward over your head, from this an “elastic band” supports the camera. The end result is that the weight of the camera is transferred straight down onto your hips thus saving your back from strain and allowing you to concentrate on the shot and not on how much your arms hurt.

So grab your camera stick it into a Gravity One or a Movi Rig and dangle it from a Easyrig Cinema 3, youre going to look like an extra from the Muppets but that’s ok because your behind the camera where you should be. And you can keep shooting all day without getting too knackered.

Now I know that like me you only run for trains but from time to time the DOP may encourage you to get a bit physical and do some running around with the camera. Now the Gravity one or the Movi rig are going to take a fair bit of the transmission (that’s the bouncing effect caused by you running) out of the equation but nothing is perfect so we have one more gizmo to help reduce this effect even further.

Called the Serene this arm made by Flowcine is designed to sit at the very top of the Easyrig pole and have the rubber band run through it. In use it offers a solution to this Transmission effect by dampening unwanted vertical and side to side movement. Sorry we don’t have anything to save your legs yet but as soon as someone invents it we will no doubt get one, watch this space.


So that’s it for today, I think we have enough equipment here to turn Shaking Stevens into a half decent steady cam operator so for the less tremulous amongst you we can certainly help, give us a call.


Maybe possibly a slight overloading of the easyrig, I might try this next time my little girl has a school play!

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