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Canon 1DX mark 2


This is one blog that I’ve not been looking forward to writing. As a proud owner of a 1DX myself I am gutted that the Mk2 has even been produced to be honest. But as I can’t stop progress, I knew it would happen sooner or later. Inevitably, the Mk2 is better than the original as you would expect.

For those of you in the know, Canon name their cameras in the reverse order numerically so the lower the number the better the camera, hence the 1 series denotes this as Canons flagship model. If I am to be honest I believe the 1DX was a photojournalist’s camera, built to be used every day in whatever environment and whatever weather the operator found themselves in, from the touchline of a rugby match to the fence outside Buckingham Palace these cameras are built to work and to work hard.

We’ve received so many enquiries about the Mk2 that we couldn’t disappoint you any longer. I do love this about Pixipixel, we are a rapidly growing company but still listen to you folks, our customers, and respond to your requests, so keep on telling us what you want.

Anyway on with the blog (and remember this is hurting me more to write than it is for you to read). As I said above the 1DX mk 2 is the new Canon DSLR flagship, it may not have the resolution of some of its “lesser” siblings like the 5DS or 5DR but it has (almost) the ability to shoot in the dark and for me that’s more useful than massive files. I’m pleased to say, that although the pixel count has increased significantly (now 20.2mp) this miraculous ability to shoot using higher ISO’s in gloomy, dull or dark situations is as good as ever, in fact its better.

The Mk2 has improved video capabilities too now allowing for 4k 60p capture, making it a genuine option for you moving image folks. 120p can be achieved in full HD for your slow motion creativity and truly amazing AF tracking keeps the subject pin sharp. A new touch screen allows for easy accurate focus and this works seamlessly with all Canon EF lenses.


If shooting faster than a Gatling gun is your bag then look no further, the Mk2 can shoot at 14 fps with full AF / AE tracking or up to 16 fps in live view. This is thanks to the new DIGIC 6+ processors and a new mirror drive system. If you use the latest Cfast 2.0 media then a burst of 170 uncompressed 14-bit RAW images can be captured almost before you knew you were trying.

I find it hard to believe that Canon could have improved the auto focus over the Mk1 but they have. Now with 61 selectable AF points (including 41 cross type and 5 dual cross type) and advanced A1 Servo AF III + and improved EOS intelligent tracking you really don’t have much of an excuse to miss that vital sharpness. Even when you choose to shoot at f8 all 61 points are at your disposal including 21 cross type sensors. She really is an impressive focusing beast. I could take my glasses off and still get everything sharp I reckon.

A built in GPS system with automatic time-zone updates is a neat inclusion (should you ever get lost or lose your watch) and lightning fast Superspeed USB 3.0 and Gigabit connectivity via Ethernet or the optional WFT-E8 WiFi adaptor caters to numerous workflow styles.

Brucie coolness rating has to be a well-deserved 10 out of 10 as you would expect from a Canon top of the line body, as much as the little green monster inside me wants to mark it down I really cant. Ok so I’m jealous because its better than my camera but you needn’t be because we got it in for you, yes YOU so pop in and let your inner paparazzi have some fun.


Many thanks BB


Day 8 of Brucie Bloggers Christmas Wish List



Lucky number 8

Bronze place……. I don’t suppose this kit has ever been relegated into third place. Its got far more of a first place feel and look to it.

Undoubtedly this deserves a better position on the list but I only want it for the pleasure of annoying other photographers in the pit at the front of a gig or two as this little beauty says “I don’t need to do this really because I’ve got too much money”

Ok so I think it may improve my photography a bit, but it would increase my insurance bill more.

Still I would dearly love to have one of these to play with.

Dear Santa……….. I’ve been so almost very good, I promise I have!!

3          Phase one XF and IQ 3 series back


Phase one XF and IQ 3 series back

I think it’s just the poser in me that wants this, my skills couldn’t even come close to justifying having one but that doesn’t stop me fancying it big time.

Now that it has good auto focus etc it’s almost a DSLR on steroids and it’s gorgeous in every way from looks to file quality. One drawback is that you will need to get me a few lenses to go with it, oh and a new laptop too please,better make it a mac and a good one too if it’ going to keep up!!!!!


phase One XF.jpg


And now I know you are truly on tenter-hooks for the 3rd most horrid Christmas Jumper ever seen!!!

Well what do you think?????

2 jumper

2 more days to go!!!


KOTW – Linhof Technio Rapid Slide Changer

Linhof Technio Rapid Slide Changer

Been a long time since I laid my hands on a view camera, in fact not since I left college. Having said that they are still wonderful things and are still called for quite often.

We carry a rather nice Linhof 679 here should you ever need one and the boys and girls in the camera department (formally known as the digi department) are still buying kit to improve it. In fact we obtained a Technio Rapid Slide Changer for it, so that’s todays bit of kit.

Ok well for some of us the closest we get to using a view camera is bunging a tilt shift lens onto our Nikon or Canon DSLR and that’s fine but what about when you really want some serious mega pixels and need the flexibility that only a view camera can offer. Well that’s when you hire one I guess.

So our new gizmo from Linhof, as its name suggests allows for a rapid change from a focus screen to a digital back and visa versa and guess what, this is done by sliding.

linhof slider

The ability to quickly check the focus screen for composition etc and then simply slide it out-of-the-way and in doing so bring the digital back in line with the camera ready to capture the image is a tremendous bonus when using this sort of system. That’s exactly what this Slide Changer is for and it works beautifully as you would expect from Linhof.

Well that’s all very useful but the story doesn’t end with that. The Rapid changer can also be used to help capture images to be stitched together later to give a wider field of view.


Depending on the digital back in use the slider will allow for two or three images to be captured with enough “overlap” ( I think that’s the technical term) to facilitate stitching them together.

That’s about all it does, but being made by Linhof it does it beautifully.


We only carry the adaptors to fit our PhaseOne backs I’m afraid so if you don’t have one of those yourself then we will just have to hire you one as well.

BCR- Giving it a 7/10 Brucie Coolness Rating as it’s a Linhof and I happen to like view cameras and odd stuff like that.

Now has anyone seen my Polaroid back?

Cheers BB

The Linhof system has many adaptors but we ONLY offer the PhaseOne plate.



KOTW-Mitchell PE Ladder Pod

Mitchell PE Ladder Pod

What do you get if you cross a tripod and a ladder? You get a ladder pod that’s what.


I thought I knew just about every way of getting high (misspent youth say no more) but the ladder pod is a new one on me I must admit.

Basically a ladder pod is a tripod on steroids that you can climb up. In place of the tripod legs three small extension ladders are used and they are securely bolted to a central platform with a euro boss fitting that will accept various attachments and in turn your camera. Now I’m not talking about a DSLR here I’m talking full on motion equipment.

Don’t worry about the euro boss fitting we have all sorts of converters to moy etc so just let us know what you need.

Once set up the Ladder pod provides a very sturdy and stable platform from which to shoot (or umpire the tennis, trim your hedge, hang yourself etc etc)

Now you could go hire a scissor lift or a cherry picker but they wobble (believe me I know) and more to the point they wont fit in the van and cost an arm and a leg. So the ladder pod is often your best answer when requiring a high point of view.


Our one has a height range of 8 – 14 ft that’s 2.4 – 4.2 m ish and comes with an additional “step” that clips onto any of the ladders giving you a secure platform to stand on. Also a set of “webbing spreaders” is included to stop the ladders from spreading too far apart.


My contact at Mitchell Precision Engineering informs me that his product has a load weight of 80 kg and that each ladder is rated to 130 kg SWL so even the most “robust” camera operator will be ok perch atop it.

That’s probably all there is to say about it, I think its pretty self-explanatory if you have a look at the picture. I also think it’s a very cool and incredibly useful bit of kit for those “going up in the world”

So if you ever have a need to get high (altitude) then give our ladder pod a go.

Below you will see some images of Lawrence, the head of our camera department “testing” our ladder pod. Now not many people know this but Lawrence is actually the official Pixipixel test pilot / crash test dummy so he is used to danger but on this occasion we also had to use Tom as ballast to fully recreate a realistic scenario. I am pleased to announce that both made it back to earth safely despite numerous calls for them to “jump” coming from the office.

DSC_0592 DSC_0591

Now in the pursuit of fun, I am accepting dare-devil requests for Lawrence (Evil Knivel) Hart to undertake on behalf of Pixipixel, ideas can include but are not limited to.DSC_0593

Leaping from a moving Fisher Dolly, licking the end of a hyper-juice battery, asking Paul an open-ended question or anything similar. Entries on the back of an envelope please to

Pixipixel Stunt Man

Arch 371 Geffrye St


E2 8HZ

Cheers BB


Hire the New Carl Zeiss Lightweight Zoom LWZ.2 for Canon C300

With the new arrival of our Canon C300 we thought it would be a good idea to marry it with the new Carl Zeiss Lightweight Zoom LWZ.2 as they make such a perfect pair. Available for hire now this professional quality EF mount zoom lens can be used on both cinema and still cameras.  However the lens is intended for Super 35mm sensor cameras and will vignette on full frame sensors (like the 5D MkII) but perfect with the C300.  It has a wide angle of view and is light weight, making it ideal for shooting in tight spaces or following action.

  • Compact, lightweight zoom ideal for Steadicam, handheld and remote work
  • Super color matched with all ZEISS cine lenses
  • Highest optical performance despite compact build
  • T* XP coating ensures flare resistance

Zacuto Stinger Rig for DSLR

The Stinger Rig

The Stinger rig is perfect for shoulder mounted shooting with a DSLR camera while using an EVF high resolution monitor.
Easily adjustable, DSLR Baseplate, follow focus, dual handgrips, shoulder pad and 3kg Z-Lite counterbalance weight for a fully balanced in-line rig.
Use with your DSLR for steady filming and If you want to shoot low then the Stinger handle makes for easy shooting.  Different baseplates and accessories can be used to build the perfect rig for what you need.

The EVF Monitor

The 3.2″ LCD Monitor with flip up frame connects to the DSLR for easier viewing and impressive screen quality. The viewfinder is compatible with all cameras with an HDMI output. The LCD viewfinder works great as a small portable field monitor as well as an EVF.  It can also be offset on a shoulder rig in front of your eye and has a nice big eyecup which is comfortable to use.

Matte Box

The Zacuto Rig is highly adaptable and can be used with a wide range of accessories. Pictured to the right our 5D Mark II with CP2 lens and 4×4 wide matte box with two filter stages and snap on system for easy removal.

Litepanels Ringlite Mini

 The Litepanel Ringlite Mini is lightweight and measures 10.5″ in diameter and is just 2″ thick.  Easy to set up it produces a lovely luminous soft, directional and dimmable light. Battery powered by removing the 7-pound Z-Lite counterbalance weight and linking the Ringlite to the battery.

Also attached is a TV Logic viewfinder (VFM-056W/WP) an amazingly lightweight and compact monitor specially designed for DSLR and small camcorder shooters. The 5.6″ monitor has a high resolution of 1280×800, a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees and performs well with indoor and outdoor shooting.

Sennheiser ME66

As a videographer not only do you have to get the best picture you have to make sure you get great sound as well. As we all know built in microphones aren’t always going to give you the best results so it’s always a good idea to go for a reliable microphone such as the Sennheiser ME66/K6, a recommended choice by us and popular with video and film professionals.  Pictured above, the Canon 5D Mark II with Zeisss 85mm lens and follow focus mounted on the Chrosziel 15mm Rail, a light weight support for DSLR cameras, complete with twist stopper and adjustable rods.


Mamiya Rz & Phase One IQ

We have updated our Digital RZ Camera range with the new IQ Phase One backs.

Three really cool advantages have come with this camera platform update.

Firstly it requires no sync cables, not a single cable is needed for the ‘RZ Holy Trinity’ * to work together. Previously sync cables and the RZ system would simply refuse to sync. Cue a mad scrabble to swap over cables and camera bodies etc with out knowing for sure which part was at fault, nasty.

Secondly, if you ever use the left hand grip you will know the shutter release button would never work with digital backs as the port would be taken up by a sync cable! No longer a problem.

Thirdly and perhaps the most revolutionary  you can rotate from landscape to portrait in about 1 second with the flick of a switch and simply twisting the IQ back. (just like you always could with film)

This feels like a very stable and smooth camera system. Its defintely recomended and if you had moved away from the RZ format, perhaps a fresh look would be a good idea.

*(Camera,Back & Lens)

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