Arri Skypanel Dance Floor

OK so Arri have outdone themselves this time and we are definitely the first company to ever have these in the world!


Based around the latest Arri Skypanel S360 (blogpost to follow as ours have just arrived) Arri have released the Arri Friction Active Kinetic Encoder, (to give it its full name, I think we can just use the initials eh) This looks like a lot of fun.

Consisting of a series of 2 ft square connectable touch sensitive panels that can be linked together to form a mosaic panel of pretty much whatever size you like (maximum of 10 by 10 panels 20 ft square) these are then linked to the encoder and can then be linked by either wired or wireless DMX to a lighting control desk and in turn to any amount of Arri’s Skypanel 360’s to create an “interactive light / floor experience”


We have not fully set this up as our 360’s only arrived this week and we don’t really have enough of them yet to do it justice, but preliminary tests show this to be one very clever bit of kit!


Each of the individual panels is 2 foot square by about 2 inches deep and has a tough transparent cover that is strong enough to stand up to people walking (or even dancing) on, they connect in a “daisy chain” to create one overall panel.

16 pressure and heat sensitive receptors in each of the squares allows for the panels to “sense” pressure and send this information to the encoder and this is where the really clever bit comes in.  The encoder will then (depending on the settings) allow the Skypanels attached to “react” so the Michael Jackson Billie Jean video pavement scene is now easily recreated in a studio near you!


Designed to sit in front of the Sky panel for vertical effects or even on top of them for horizontal use the panels are truly an outstanding piece of kit, coupling them with the sexy new Skypanel 360 allows for a almost infinite range of lighting possibilities from disco dance floors to interactive ”video” walls and so on.

If touch sensitivity is not enough for you they can be set to an audio response function so they can keep time with all your favorite 80’s dance classics and banging beats.


I don’t know if this will prove more popular for wedding receptions or photo / video shoots but either way its totally fun and a completely off the wall surprise from the fine folks at Arri so well done to them.

As for a BCR rating, well it’s so cool it hurts polar bears so I’m giving it an unprecedented 15 out of 10 just don’t expect me to dance on it as I can’t even head bang in time and have two left feet anyway.

Enjoy the Easter weekend folks


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