Profoto D2 1000 Monoblock


Profoto are at it again, they constantly seem to be improving their kit and so we seem to be constantly having to buy it, I think they must have a marketing guy  in an office somewhere with our photo on the wall knowing that whatever new toy he comes up with we will be top of the list for ordering it! Still we don’t mind as it’s always excellent stuff and worth the investment but more importantly we hope you lot love it!

So what have they tempted us with this time? It’s an upgrade to the ever-popular D1 1000 mono blocks, the new D2 1000. Despite looking much the same as the D1 system its obviously better, 1 better at first glance hence the D2 name but what improvements have they made? What new tricks does the D2 do?

Well how about TTS (through the lens) this refers to the metering that the mono block employs and allows for the light to pretty much set itself as far as power / exposure is concerned, so that’s one less thing you need to think about. Does that mean anyone can use this light even if they are not a proper photographer, well um yes, basically, sorry about that. Don’t fret though you can use all your hard earned experience to point the thing in the right direction and perhaps add a shaper or two (Profoto make over 120 different light shaping attachments and I think we have at least 119 of them).

Ok so it also has TTS (totally too simple) and that’s a boon for everyone as it just speeds things up as we are all in a rush nowadays,  but it does have a few more tricks inside. It’s also fully HSS (High Speed Sync) enabled and can deal with shutter speeds up to 1/8000 of a second (wow). Furthermore it will effortlessly freeze action at up to 1/63,000 of a second and give you a burst of 20 images per second, impressive eh?


Apart from that the D2 has all the features you would expect in a top of the line monoblock, a full 10 stops of power range, a powerful 300w halogen modeling light plus a built in reflector. It has full compatibility with Profoto’s range of Air syncs that makes this a very useable light indeed and one that’s sure to become a standard in our industry.

We will continue to offer our D1 500 and D1 1000 kits for the moment but should you need that extra bit of speed or perhaps need the TTL metering to give your brain a day off then the D2 is the light for you.

I’m giving it another 10 / 10 for my BCR as the D1 system was absolutely excellent and as the name tells us the D2 is just that 1 better!

Now I just spotted a Profoto A1 Speedlight sat on a bench that I didn’t know we had (that marketing guy at Profoto has the world’s easiest job lol) but that will be up another day! can’t wait for another day.

Cheers folks


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