Rosco Silk 210 & 110 LED soft lights



So what do you think of when you hear the name Rosco? I’m betting you think of gels or at a pinch the bumbling sheriff from the Dukes of Hazard (that reminds me of Daisy Duke and those shorts!) Well sorry to say I cannot  find any link between Rosco and Daisy Duke, that’s a shame as it may have improved this particular blog significantly, still I will keep going in the hope I’ve not lost you already.

Rosco are in fact much more than a posh cellophane or paint manufacturer, ok so they have won an academy award for their range of gels and another for fog fluid both of which are in use on film shoots all over the world every day. But I didn’t know that Rosco also make dance floor coverings, window polarising filters (what!) and lights. In this case I want to talk lights, some very nice LED panels to be precise, I’m talking about the Silk range that we have just added to our rental inventory.


Now, we like LED panels here at Pixipixel, they represent a new wave of cinematographic lighting and have some great benefits over traditional lighting kit, running cool, quiet, less power, not blowing bubbles (bulbs) and (rather humorously) not needing correction gels. I have to say I think the LED light panel is a great innovation however I’m running out of ways to try and make them sound exciting, having reviewed numerous offerings from different suppliers but we like to offer our clients the latest tech from a range of reputable manufacturers. Still, as we have spent our hard earned cash on a number of  Rosco Silk 110 and 210 units I had better tell you a little about them.


The Rosco Silk 110 is a 1ft by 1ft panel and the 210 is a 2ft by 1ft so firstly praise is due for giving them sensible names that make sense for us rental bookers of the world to understand! My first impressions are good, they seem to be very well made plus I really like the all black “stealth” atheistic. The blurb shows that they score very highly in all the various testing metrics (TLCI, CRI, R9 and so on) and require virtually no correction in post-production.


The units produce a high volume, broad-spectrum white light at temperatures from 2800k to 6500k, they all feature intuitive on-board dimming and colour temperature controls. Two channel DMX is also a standard feature.

Various accessories such as egg crates, louvers and barn doors are available but the Silks produce a beautifully soft flattering light as they are, equipped with an anti glare frosted front panel that ensures a uniform, single source light. Rosco say the light “gently embraces it’s subject” (now I’m thinking of Daisy Duke again sorry) and this soft output and exceptional colour rendering makes the Silk desirable for illuminating talent on feature films, TV projects and stills shoots, that’s a bit of luck being the trade we are all in.

As you would expect the Silks are able to be powered by mains or battery and Rosco offer options for all the leading batteries,  we have opted for V-lock plates and supply the Silks with batteries to keep you shooting all night long.

So despite me being a little less than ecstatic about yet another LED panel blog I must give these panels a 9/10 for my BCR rating, they are a quality bit of kit in all areas, they look good and make your subject look even better and that’s what we all want. Coming from Rosco we know they do exactly what’s claimed in the blurb and coming from Pixipixel you know they will be on time, in great working order and ready to use when you need them.


Give us a bell and try them for yourself, if you would like a demo again just let us know.


Cheers Brucie Blogger


Now if you have actually read to the end of this blog I think you deserve a treat so her she is Daisy Duke xxx (I included both the old school and more recent versions, can I have one of each please)









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