GF Mini Jib

Well its been a while since I’ve done a blog folks, sorry, what can I say, work got in the way, then Christmas hit with all the normal distractions and so on. Still it’s a new year and amongst my resolutions is to get back on with some Pixi blogging so here goes.

Today I would like to introduce you to our latest jib, the GF Mini jib to be precise, courtesy of our friends at Grip Factory Munich GFM. This is a rather nice addition to our range of GFM kit and the perfect match for the GFM Primo Dolly that was my last blog of 2017 (in August! my how time fly’s).


The mini jib as its name suggests is not the largest in the world but its not designed to be, camera movements are more often subtle than massive and you don’t need a huge jib just to give you a small movement, in fact a big jib could often be more of a nuisance than a help, particularly in a confined location. What you do need however is rock solid vibration free movements and a decent payload and the mini jib has both of these “nailed”.

With a maximum load of 30 kg (66lbs) the mini jib has more than enough strength to hold almost any camera set up you can imagine and it provides you with super smooth vibration free movements. An internal, adjustable movement drag can be set to the operators individual requirements for both pan and tilt allowing for precise tailoring of the set up whatever the job may entail.

2ft 10 inches of reach (82cm) may not sound huge but its more than enough for many shots and don’t forget you can mount it onto the Primo dolly with its telescopic centre column giving another 27 inches (70cm) of vertical movement if required.

The rear of the jib is telescopic from 1 ft (31cm) to 3.3 ft (100cm) and holds counter weights up to 48kg (37lbs) that’s depending on what you put on the front of course. All this gives you a total lift range of 3.3 ft (100cm) with a maximum tilt angle of 53 degrees, that’s very impressive for a jib weighing in at only 17kg (37 lbs.).


A Euro Boss attachment means you re not limited to using just GFM dollies as it can be attached to anything offering this fitting and at the camera end we can pretty much supply what you want, Euro Boss, bowl and so on. Whilst I’m talking about the camera end it offers multiple camera mounting positions both above or below the head.


A super tough (Hard-Coat) finish should keep it looking sexy for a few years too but don’t take that as a challenge please.

To sum up this is a small but mighty boom perfect for many applications and almost any camera set up. It’s smooth and fully adjustable and looks great on the GFM Primo dolly. I’ve not actually tested it but have no doubt it would pass the “full cup of coffee” test without spilling a drop. Got to give it a 10 out of 10 for my BCR (Brucie coolness rating) I know you are all going to love it, now if that doesn’t get me a GFM t shirt I don’t know what will!

Cheers all and I’ll do my best not to keep you waiting for 6 months till my next blog.

Brucie Blogger.

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